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baselle blanche
épinard de Ceylan
épinard des Indes
épinard Malabar
Indischer Spinat
Indian subcontinent
basalai soppu (Hindi)
chaulai sag (Hindi)
chavleri (Hindi)
chavli (Kannada)
chavli (Konkani)
chavrai (Hindi)
cheera (Malayalam)
chuamarsa (Hindi)
dantin sippu (Hindi)
ganhar (Hindi)
gogta saag (Hindi)
gudri saag (Hindi)

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Plural: amarantes

Language: French

Description: Amaranth. Amaranth is the name given to many varieties of a sweetish green leafy vegetable known by many different names, including callalloo, elephant’s ear, African/Chinese/Indian spinach, Surinam amaranth, etc. It is a tropical climbing plant that can grow as high as 2 meters (6 ft), the leaves of which are harvested as the plant grows and cooked in the same way as spinach.

Amaranth. One of many wonderful vegetables and herbs on sale by the Coleman Family Farm of Carpinteria at Santa Monica Farmers' Market

Latin: Amaranthus spp.
Gender: f
Ethnicity: French
Most frequent country: France

See places: French food and cuisine

See foods and dishes: amaranth, basella, Indian spinach

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