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Indian subcontinent
kamal (Hindi)
kamal gato (Hindi)
kanwal (Hindi)
nadru (Hindi)
leen ngau

kamal (कमल)

Language: Hindi

Description: Lotus root. The lotus root is particularly delicious in winter, when the starchy root of the lotus plant is rich in vitamin C and iron. Select plump, unblemished roots that are pinched off in sections somewhat like sausage links. After cutting, it should be soaked in vinegared water to prevent discolouration. Lotus root has a reddish-brown skin around crisp white flesh, and should be peeled before use. It is used in marinated salads and simmered and deep-fried dishes. When sliced a beautiful symmetrical pattern is revealed.

Lotus root, with thanks to Cho Mee in Mill Road, Cambridge

Latin: Nelumbo nucifera
Ethnicity: Indian Subcontinent
Most frequent country: India
Also known as: kamal gato, kanwal, nadru

See foods and dishes: kamal kakri

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