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Language: English

Description: The anglicised name for Catalu˝a (Spanish) or Catalunya (Catalan), a region in the north-east of Spain the capital of which is Barcelona. Catalonia is a prosperous region which is seeking more autonomy. Its people are hard-working and scornful of all things not Catalonian. Catalonia borders the Mediterranean and backs up to the French border in the north. Its cuisine bears some resemblance to that of Provence with seafood dominating. Fish stews called zarzuelas, similar to bouillabaise, are produced and allioli, the Catalan version of a´oli accompanies it. Sauces are often thickened with ground nuts. Away from the sea, hearty soups of beans and sausage are served. A lot of fruit grows there with peaches and apricots in abundance.

Map of Catalonia, with many thanks to by Tourizm Maps &Copy; 2006

Pronounced: kah-tah-LOO-nyah
Ethnicity: Catalan
Most frequent country: Andorra, Spain
Most frequent region: Catalonia

See places: Spanish food and cuisine, Catalan food and cuisine, Balearic Islands, Barcelona

See foods and dishes: albor˛nia de la sierra, allioli, amanida, arr˛s, braš de gitano, brandada de bacallÓ, butifarra, caballa con hojas de limonero, cargolada, carn, carquinyoli, chanfaina, coca, conill, crema catalana, cru de peix, escabetx, escudella i carn d'olla, espÓrrecs, espinÓs d'anxoves fregides, esqueixada, estofat, farcellet de col, fideus, flam, flamenquines, mar i muntanya, neula, olla de peix, ou dur, pa amb tomÓquet, patÚ del camp, rossejat, samfaina, sepietes a la planxa, sofregit, sopa de ceba, suquet de peix, truita, xatˇ, zarzuela

See drinks, wines etc: cervesa

Other web reference: by Tourizm Maps & Copy; 2006

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