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koi (কই)

Language: Bengali

Description: Climbing perch, also know as the climbing bass or even the walking catfish. Found mostly in canals, lakes, ponds, swamps and estuaries in stagnant water. During the dry season it stays buried under the mud, emerging with the rains. It is considered a tasty fish in South East Asia, but is very bony. It is usually seen live in markets, as it can survive the poor conditions in which it is kept. It migrates from rivers to flood plains depending on the season, and is famous for 'walking'. This is Siddharth Dasgupta's favourite fish.

Koi or flying perch photographed by Siddharth Dasgupta in a Kolkata fish market

Latin: Anabus testudineus (Bloch, 1792)
Ethnicity: Indian Subcontinent
Most frequent country: Bangladesh, India
Most frequent region: West Bengal

See places: Bengali Food and Cuisine

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