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Emilian (Emiliana)

The term Emilian refers to a group of local languages, popularly also called dialects, which are part of the Gallo-Italic group, and are spoken in the historical region of Emilia. Although commonly referred to as an Italian dialect (even by its speakers), it does not descend from the Italian language.

Gallo-Italic languages are Western New Latin (they conserve innovative phonetic and syntactic features), as in French, Occitan and Catalan, while Italian is part of Eastern New Latin.

Phonetics and Vocabulary borders between Emilian and the other Gallo-Italic languages are not exactly defined. For example, some dialectologists regard “pavese“ (the dialect of Pavia, in Lombardy) as a transitional variety between "real Emilian" and Western Lombard, while others think it is an Emilian language.

The dialect of Piacenza features elements of both Emilian and Western Lombard languages, as does the dialect of Cremona.

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These terms associated with languages are hidden behind the scenes as there is some crossover with other languages. The traveller in Emilia may not be precisely certain which language is in use, and can search using more general terms such as 'Italian''.

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One of the problems of providing searches in a multilingual world-wide food dictionary is trying to help people reach the things they are searching for. People do not always know the precise language being used, so these more general searches such as  'Italian' may help in a successful search.

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