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The Frisian languages are a closely related group of Germanic languages, spoken by about 500,000 members of Frisian  ethnic groups, who live on the southern fringes of the North Sea in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany. The Frisian languages are the most closely related living European languages to English, although Scots is sometimes considered a separate language rather than a dialect of English, which would make Frisian the second most closely related. However, modern English and Frisian are mostly unintelligible to each other. Frisian languages bear similarities to Low German, Dutch (from which many Frisian words have been borrowed) and Danish, and Danish speakers are able to understand some spoken Frisian. Additional shared linguistic characteristics between the Great Yarmouth area, Friesland, and Denmark are likely to have resulted from the close trading relationship these areas maintained during the centuries-long Hanseatic League of the Late Middle Ages.
(Ref: Wikipedia)

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To find foods and foods and food-related items in in Frisian you may search by any of the following terms:
Dutch Freesia Freesian Frisia Frisian Holland Netherlands

These terms associated with languages are hidden behind the scenes as there is some crossover with other languages. The traveller in Frisia may not be precisely certain which language is in use, and can search using more general terms such as 'Dutch''.

You may use any of the above terms in any search you make using 'Translate from English' so that if you wish to search for a translation of lettuce, choose whichever of these language terms that you think is most appropriate, say:
'Frisian lettuce' and then click on 'Translate from English'

One of the problems of providing searches in a multilingual world-wide food dictionary is trying to help people reach the things they are searching for. People do not always know the precise language being used, so these more general searches such as  'Dutch' may help in a successful search.

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