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The Herero are a people belonging to the Bantu group, with about 240,000 members alive today. The majority live in Namibia, with the remainder living in Botswana and Angola. Most are employed as workers on large farms or earn their living as merchants or tradesmen in the cities. There is also a growing number of professionals.

The Ovaherero comprise several subgroups, including the Ovahimba, the Ovatjimba (not actually a tribal connotation, but a class one), the Ovambanderu and the vaKwandu, groups in Angola include the vaKuvale, vaZemba, Hakawona, Tjavikwa, Tjimba and Himba who regularly cross the Namibia/Angola border when migrating with their herds. During the colonial period, Europeans attempted to define these as separate ethnic groups, but the people consider themselves all to be Ovaherero. They speak Herero (Otjiherero), and partly Portuguese in Angola, English in both Botswana and Namibia, and Afrikaans in Namibia.

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