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Language: Italian

Description: Calabria is the toe of Italy. Provinces include Reggio di Calabria, Catanzaro and Cosenza. The chief town is Reggio. It is coastal, mainly mountainous and partially forested. Vines, citrus fruits and olives are cultivated. Sheep and goats are raised and the area is known for its aubergines (US: eggplants) and swordfish. It has suffered much from earthquakes, deforestation, erosion and malaria. In Roman times the heel of Italy was known as Calabria, but the Byzantines transferred the name to the toe (previously known as Bruttium).

Map of Calabria, with many thanks to by Tourizm Maps &Copy; 2006

Pronounced: kah-LAH-bryah
Gender: N/A
Ethnicity: Italian
Most frequent country: Italy
Most frequent region: Calabria

See places: Italian food and cuisine, Catanzaro, Cosenza

See foods and dishes: braciola alla brugia, caniscione, capocollo, CasucĂ vaddu, ciammotta, cicerchiata, Crotonese, licurdia, sagne chine, Scamorza

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