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Azerbaijani (Azərbaycan dili or ذربايجان ديلی)

The Azerbaijani language, also called Azeri, Azari, Azeri Turkic, or Azerbaijani Turkic, is a Turkic language spoken in Azerbaijan and northwestern Iran. North Azerbaijani is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan. North Azerbaijani is the name applied to this variety of Azerbaijani in ISO 639-3 (azj) and in Ethnologue, which is called Azərbaycan dili in Azerbaijan. This variety is also spoken in Russia's Republic of Dagestan, south-eastern and eastern Georgia, north eastern Turkey and in some parts of Ukraine.

South Azerbaijani is the variety of Azerbaijani spoken in northwestern Iran. Iranian Azerbaijanis often call it Azari, Türki or Türki Azari. This variety is mainly spoken in the northwest provinces as the dominant language and a lingua franca: East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, and in some regions of Kordestan, Hamadan and Markazi. Many Azeris also live in Tehran, Karaj and other regions. Generally, Azeris in Iran have been, "a well integrated linguistic minority", according to academics such as anthropologist Patricia Higgins. South Azerbaijani is the name applied to this variety of Azerbaijani in ISO 639-3 (azb) and in Ethnologue.

Azerbaijani is a Turkic language of the Oghuz branch, closely related to Turkish. Azerbaijani is mutually intelligible with other Oghuz languages, which include Turkish and Turkmen. (Ref: Wikipedia)

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ذربايجان ديلی

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Also included in the glossary are dishes from the cuisine of the region, cookery terms, cooking methods, drinks, food festivals, days of the week, months of the year etc.

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